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About Scanning of Sheet

OMR mini allows you to use any model of scanner for scanning OMR sheet scanning. There is no need for special OMR scanner.

There are three types of scanners available in the market.

Flatbed Scanners

In this type of scanner, we have to raise the lid cover and place sheets one sheet at a time. So the effort of placing sheets is too much and scanning is also slow. Generally people do not use flatbed scanners in OMR process because of slow working. But technically there is no problem to use flatbed scanner. If you have very less workload and do not want to buy a new scanner, then you can use your existing simple flatbed scanners to scan your OMR Sheets.

What is a ADF Scanner?

ADF Scanner (Automatic Document Feeder) is a scanner with pocket to hold multiple sheets and scans them automatically. Use of ADF scanner saves time and effort of placing each sheet. You can buy your scanner from your local vendor. If you want we can provide you quotation for scanner of your choice.

ADF is nothing special.

ADF Scanner (Home or Small Office)

These are new trend of multi-function machines having combined scanners and printers that we find in most of our small offices these days. Most companies like HP, Canon, Samsung, Epson etc..are offereing combined machines with multiple features like Scanner + Copier + Fax + Printer. Mostly the scanner in multifunction machines is Flatbed + ADF both. So we can scan OMR sheets and books both.

These multifunction machines are much cheaper than the cost of scanner, printer and fax purchased separately. The price range for multi-function machines varies between Rs. 8000/- to Rs. 15000/- depending upon the capacity and some additional features. Generally the multifunction machines at the lower end of the price range contain inkjet printer. If the printer is laser printer, then the cost would be on higher side of the price range. But whether the printer is inkjet printer of laser printer does not affect the scanning speed. And our purpose is scanning so you can buy the combination as per your requirement.

The scanning speed of regular range of ADF scanners is upto 5 sheets/min. So it is good to scan around 300 OMR sheets in one hour. The actual performance of these scanners is affected by the computer configuration and memory also. Scanning of OMR sheets at higher resolution will take more time than scanning of OMR sheets at 100 DPI in black and white mode.

If you have a requirement of scanning 100-500 OMR sheets, the regular scanners that we use in our offices are good enough for this purpose.

Professional Document Scanner (ADF)

These are dedicated document scanners which have a pocket for placing multiple OMR sheets. These scanners do no have a flatbed to place sheets one-by-one. The scanning speed starts from 20 pages per minute to 150 pages per minute. The scanners with starting speed of 20 pages per minute can be purchased at a price range of Rs.25000/- to Rs.30000/-.

If you have a requirement of scanning 1000-5000 OMR sheets daily, then prefessional document scanners are better for this workload.

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