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Printable Reports and Excel Outputs obtained from OMR mini

Want Graphical Performance Report and Question Analysis ?

Graphical Question Ananlysis & Performance Report can be added at extra Rs. 3000/-.

The software can be upgraded to full version by paying difference amount in which you get sheet designer to design your own sheets and also generate graphical analysis reports.

OMR Mini is the simplest OMR Software available. It has a range of reports which can be directly printed and more elaborate outputs which can be exported into Excel for editting as desired by the user.

Some report formats obtained fromOMR mini are given below.

These reports show the count of Correct, Incorrect and Left Questions in each Section. If there are any cancelled questions, then their count and marks are added to Correct questions.

Each report shows marks obtained in each section, Total Marks in all considered sections and Percentage or Percentile depending on choice of the user.

The Excel output obtained from the OMR mini Software can be editted to prepare report with columns of your choice


Multiple Section Printable Merit lists


Single Section Merit List


Two Section Merit List


Three Section Merit List


Four Section Merit List


Five Section Merit List


Multiple Section Combined Merit List

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